About TDA

The Daniel Academy is a private Christian school in Kansas City, Missouri, serving students in preschool through 12th grade, meeting 4 days per week (Monday through Thursday) with Fridays working at home. Our vision is to train our students like modern-day versions of Daniel in the Old Testament, helping them become young men and women prepared with both spiritual and academic excellence, ready to bring the Lord’s presence and use their gifts to serve others wherever they go.

The Daniel Academy was established in 2007, and currently has over 230 students enrolled, plus more than 30 preschoolers. Our model integrates families into the education process, allowing parents to directly participate at the school with their children.

Our School Profile

Our School Emphases:

Joining the Global Prayer Movement – We believe our students are called to a deep walk with the Lord, focusing on prayer and hearing Him. As the Lord establishes a prayer movement around the world, we want to fully partner with expressions of prayer in Kansas city, like the International House of Prayer (IHOP-KC), Youth With A Mission (YWAM), Navah KC, Team Xtreme, prayer events at your home church, Friday Prayer Times at TDA, Citywide Prayer Movement of KC and others. This time is in addition to church attendance. As part of this emphasis, our students participate in corporate prayer rooms in the city throughout the week as well as pray at school. We start our days with morning assemblies where our students lead in corporate worship, prayer and adoration. We break mid-day for intercession prayer on current events or issues in the world and then end our days with prayers of thanksgiving. We have seen over the years how much these times have impacted the students’ hearts.

Christian Reformers – We have been privileged to interact with a number of great men and women of God and allow our students to glean from their teaching and experiences. People such as Rick Santorum, Loren Cunningham, Peter Xu, George Verwer, Steve Douglas and Father Anton from India have visited our school to speak to and pray over our students. We have also had local Kansas City leaders including senators, doctors, businessmen and other professionals speak to our students about how to bring impact wherever the Lord sends them. We know this generation of youth is called to great things and we focus on helping them discover their gifts, talents and callings. We pray and counsel one-on-one with all our seniors, helping them map out their next steps.

Leadership in the “7 Mountains” preparation – We know today’s students will be tomorrow’s leaders in the mountains of influence. We partially accomplish this through a diverse offering of classes, clubs, activities, and sports. Our school is like a greenhouse, where students feel safe and loved and are able to grow in leadership and wisdom in the areas they are called to. We have opportunities for our students to lead in worship, student government, drama productions, sports, art and science. We have had the opportunity to offer classes that will give our students a taste of future areas of study including entrepreneurialism, music production, film production, web design, novel writing, international relations and foreign policies and more.

Family Partnership Private School Model – We have a unique model of partnership with our parents at TDA. We know that parents have the first responsibility before the Lord in training their children. We want to support our parents in this role both academically and also spiritually and emotionally.

We have a 4-day schooling model in the classroom with the 5th day at home with the parents. Students learn and practice new concepts in the classroom Mondays – Thursdays, and then work on homework and other projects at home on Fridays. This gives parents a chance to be a part of what their child is learning, without carrying the full weight of instruction. This also gives more time for our families to do extra-curricular activates that are very important in the growth of students.

Our parents also serve on-site at school each week in our classrooms. This gives our parents the ability to be a part of our daily school routine and the opportunity to meet their children’s friends and other parents. It provides a special opportunity for community building together. (We also have options for parents who both work full-time.)

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