Our Policies

Our Policies

The Daniel Academy has several policies in place regarding academics, family commitments, finances, and dating relationships. We require all families and students at our school to accept and adhere to these policies while involved at TDA.

Academic Policy

We offer both full- and part-time schooling options for our elementary and junior high students, and will often accept transfer credits from other schools or homeschooling curricula. Download our academic policy to find details on transferring credits, standardized testing, and graduation requirements.

Family Commitment Policy

With TDA classified as a Family Partnership Private School (FPPS), there are certain requirements set by the state around parents’ oversight and instruction in their children’s education. View the full family committment policy outlining the state requirements as well as The Daniel Academy’s family commitment that all new families must sign at the time of acceptance.

Financial Policy

View The Daniel Academy’s financial policy to find details on the payment schedule, multi-sibling discount, and where to make payments. Additionally find information on required textbooks and adding or dropping classes.

Opposite Gender Policy

Relationships among the students at The Daniel Academy are essential to our vision and focus. We desire to cultivate a safe, open social environment where students can live with wholehearted focus on the Lord. It is for this reason that TDA has gathered a large group of families who have chosen to have their students refrain from dating until they graduate from high school. Read more about the reasons behind our opposite gender policies and how they impact students at TDA. Senior Opposite Gender Policy Here

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