Little Daniels Preschool

Little Daniels preschool classAre you looking for a preschool for your 3, 4 or 5 year old? Our ‘Little Daniels’ preschoolers are growing every day, making their love for life and learning irresistible. Not only are they learning letters, phonics, and numbers, but they are learning about Jesus and how much He loves and cares for them and for their families. We focus on age-appropriate learning with lots of hands-on and center-based activities. We also teach the children to pray and hear from God even at their young age. We know that your child has a unique and important heart and gifting and we are committed to seeing them become all they were designed to be! Little Daniels was named after Daniel in the Bible, who loved God and was prepared to serve Him and love others well.

Classes meet twice a week in the mornings and are open to 3, 4 and 5-year olds.
Classes: Mon/Wed (ages 3 – rising 4) 7:45-11:45 – Tues/Thurs (ages 4 – rising 5) 7:45-11:45 Monthly tuition $165, Registration fee $95

We are really excited to invite your student to join us for the 2017-2018 school year! A note from our program director:

Our program offers much for your preschool child including:

Preschool student at The Daniel Academy

    • Preparation for kindergarten with letter and number recognition, large and fine motor skills training, beginning handwriting and much more.
    • Building upon a child’s natural curiosity through interactive play.
    • A joy of learning based around centers and hands-on projects.
    • A love for the Bible through Bible stories that come to life.
    • Nurturing spiritual growth through focus on prayer and listening to the Lord.
    • Bible memorization through scripture set to music
    • Worship training through music and movement.
    • Reinforcement of beatitude character traits including kindness, sharing, helping, obeying and loving one another.

We look forward to getting to know your child!
Blessings, Angie Steinke, Program Director

Space is limited, so we encourage you to sign up early!

Little Daniels Policies