K-12 Student Application Process

Step One:

Please submit a request below and someone will contact you to schedule your family interview with TDA faculty.

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Student Name(s)*

Other Comments

Step Two:

Once your family interview is scheduled, make sure you have gathered all the necessary documents below. Bring all of these with you to your interview.

a. Your completed application including the student and parent applications, and a reference letter for all JH and HS students. These can be downloaded from our website.

b. Transcripts from the previous year (2 years if possible); high school students will need to bring documentation of all incoming credit.

c. Immunization records.

d. Application fee of $60/student and a $300 non-refundable family deposit ($100 goes towards administration and $200 goes towards tuition) which will be cashed upon acceptance.

Student Application
Parent Application

Step Three:

Your student will be scheduled for incoming testing. All K-11th graders will take a grade-level assessment test in both math and English to determine where your student should be placed. (Please note – for unusual situations we allow students to go 1 grade level higher or lower than their peers of the same ages.)

Step Four:

You will hear from us within a week of the interview and testing process concerning acceptance.

Step Five:

Finally, you will be given access to enroll in classes online and be given information on books. (Elementary books are ordered and billed by TDA and either rented or purchased depending on the type of book. Junior High and High School books are mostly purchased by each family.)


Email info@thedanielacadmy.com or call (816) 943-0923

Step Six:

The first of twelve tuition payments is due June 15th.