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Fall Flannel Fest 2016

What is the Fall Flannel Fest? The Daniel Academy Student Council’s Fall Flannel Fest for Junior High and High School took place on November third. It was a night where everyone from different grades could come together and just have good, clean fun. The party, funded...

Love or Hate?

              The last few weeks, the decision to choose Love or Hate has been a hot topic in our community and nation.  We have heard everyone's opinions regarding this topic on social media and in local news.  Hearing the same things over and over can make anyone...

Grade 1 Bible Class Testimony

We had quite an amazing time this past week, all of which was initiated by our 6 year old Grade 1 students, and led by the Holy Spirit. In times like these the teacher's role is often, to simply "let the children come to Jesus." While we teachers always come to Bible...

Consecrated Living

In order to become people of influence, leadership, and excellence, we must begin living in a consecrated way in our everyday lives.  Every human being is looking for what makes them unique, and as believers, we are continually seeking how to function in our God-given...

Adoration, Prayer, and Academics

A TDA Core Value:  Adoration Prayer In a world attempting to separate church and state, the Lord has created a divine link between adoring the Lord, prayer and academics that cannot be denied.  In fact, this link cannot be understated in it's intrinsic value.  When we...

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