The Daniel Academy Field Day – 2017

A Rousing Success!

Our Elementary students, jumped, raced, threw, balanced, bounced, splashed and parachuted their way around the various Field Day stations. They enjoyed hot dogs and cotton candy, face painting, hair coloring and sidewalk chalk. The Grade 3 class won the annual Spirit Award, both for the wonderful cheer they created and composed, and for the way they worked together as a great team! Mr. Elliot’s obstacle course was such fun this year; the children loved ducking under and jumping over obstacles plus running through no less than 10 tires!


What better way to be formally welcomed into the job of Elementary Principal than by having a delicious lemon meringue pie smashed into your face!!! Mr. Brown was a great sport, and it was an unforgettable moment for his Grade 2 class, who amazingly raised $300 for their teacher!


Thank you

Thank you to Ms. Terry, for the many hours you spent in planning and organizing the whole event. Many thanks also to Mrs. Diener and Mrs. Chaulklin for helping with the cooking. Thank you Mrs. Bella for spreading good cheer and love wherever you went, and pitching in to do whatever was needed. And thank you especially to our many amazing parent helpers, who manned and led each station, loved our children well and gave of your time. We couldn’t have done it without you!

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