TDA Tuition for 2017-2018

Our goal is to offer the most excellent education, extra-curricular activities, and post-high school preparation for the lowest possible cost. We also have one of the highest multi-student discounts for families with more than one child in K-12th (see below). We know families are working hard to afford private education.

Pre-School Tuition

$165/month, $9/month supply fee, $95 application and book fee Discount available for families with students in K-12th grade.

Elementary Tuition

$3,200/year, $360/year supply fee, $175 book fee ($3,735 total)
Half Time Tuition $2,000, $360/year supply fee, $175 book fee ($2,135)

Junior High Tuition

$3,490/ year, $360/year supply fee, books provided by families ($3,850 total)
Half Time Tuition $1,920, $360/year supply fee books provided by families ($2,105)

High School Tuition

$3,780/year, $360/year supply fee, books provided by families ($4,140 total)
Home school option: select up to 3 classes for $600/year per class (books provided by families)

Every family is required to serve 4 hours/week. These service hours will be arranged with TDA administration upon enrollment completion. Single parents are asked to serve 2 hours/week. If an extenuating circumstance prevents a family from being able to serve their hours, they can select the “replacement” option. TDA will hire an available TDA parent to serve the hours in place of the family. The cost for this option is $1,500 for the year, and will be billed monthly on the tuition statement. Single parents are charged $750 for the replacement option.

Elementary students’ books are consumable and will be ordered by TDA. Junior and Senior High students will purchase their own new or used books for their classes (booklist will be provided).

Student supply fee covers things such as field trips, science lab materials, field day, retreat, RenWeb Parent Alert fee, standardized testing fee, and class supply fees. This cost is spread out over the monthly tuition payments. Events planned during the year that were not figured into the original budget, will be billed on tuition statements.

$100 admin fee for each family.
Optional $20 yearbook fee.
Juniors and Seniors Lions Week fee is $550 (billed out monthly). Senior fee is $60 (billed out monthly).
Student Government is $50/semester. TDA Sports are $250 per season, per sport.
Club/Activity Fee: $30 per student/year
High School Student Government $50 per student/year
Junior High Student Government $25 per student/year
TDA Sports are $250 per season per sport. Home school families are welcome to join our teams.

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